How to Fill Cremation Ashes Jewellery


Clean workspace
Sheet of white paper
Toothpick or small tool (included in ashes kit)
Small spoon
Small funnel (included in ashes kit)
Sieve (optional, but recommended)
Peg (optional, but recommended)
Glue (included in ashes kit)
Cremation ashes


Prepare your workspace by ensuring it is clean and free of dust or dirt that could contaminate the ashes. Lay down a creased white paper on your workspace.


Scoop about half a teaspoon of cremation ashes onto the white paper. Use a sieve to separate the finer ashes if available. Locate where the ashes need to be inserted on the jewellery piece and gently unscrew the lid or use a peg to hold it in place.


Using a small spoon, pick up some of the fine cremains and use a funnel to insert them into the filling hole. If the cremains get stuck in the funnel, gently tap the side of the funnel or use a toothpick to push them into the jewellery. Avoid overfilling the jewellery, fill it up to about 80% full. Clean and ensure that the threads are free from dirt, and glue the screw in place.


Screw the threaded screw into the hole about 50% of the way. Use a toothpick or a small tool to apply glue to the exposed screw thread, then fully screw it in. Ensure that the loop for the chain is in the right position.


Wipe off any excess glue and leave it to dry for 24 hours before wearing.