About Us

Our Misson

We want Personalised Jewellery to be the place you go for high-quality, fashionable and modern jewellery and giftware for every taste, age and style. Because we understand that not all people are the same, we don’t limit our product lines to one or two pieces, we decided to fill our site with jewellery for every occasion and budget. Jewellery for special events and occasions, jewellery that can be worn for days out, and nights out, to that stylish everyday piece. We always aim to keep up with the latest fashions and trend, and therefore we are consistently adding new items to the site, so even if you can’t see that special piece you are looking for today, then it may be coming soon.

Who are we?

We are a family business, our directors are James and Paula, who are husband and wife, James started his life in graphic design, inspired by his fathers love for painting and the arts, James worked for a number of high profile clients, but knew he always wanted far more in life. That is where it all started, from a small spare room in a 2 bedroomed terraced house, but from hard work and determination, Personalised Jewellery Ltd was born, and has grown into a multi-million pound company, employing a number of family members, and with manufacturers and from every corner of the world. Outside of work we enjoy spending time with our 2 boxer dogs Buddy and Spike, who sometimes even come to work with us! We also enjoy the occasional trip to the theatre, as well as eating out and trying different foods.

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