Amazon is a beautiful script font that is perfect for engraving Sentences, Numbers, Dates, Initials, and Accents on characters. Its elegant and flowing strokes make it an ideal choice for personalising jewellery pieces, or any other engraved items.

However, it's important to note that Amazon is not suitable for sentences with All Capital Letters or Roman Numerals or words in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, or other alphabets that use non-standard English characters. Moreover, due to the intricacy of its design, it is not recommended for engraving small text.

Overall, Amazon is an excellent choice for those looking for a beautiful and distinctive script font to engrave their personalised items. Just ensure that the text is not too small and does not include any non-standard English characters.

  • Sentance using capital letters (John & Jane 25th Anniversary)
  • Numbers (1,000 - 20/10/30 - 20-10-30 - 18th)
  • Monograms* (A.B.C but not ABC)
  • Accents (, , , , , , , , , )
  • All Capitals (JOHN & JANE 25TH ANNIVERSARY)
  • Roman Numerals (MCMVIII)
  • Non-English Characters (Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc.)

font examples in Amazon Font for engraving personalised jewellery