What is Engraving

We use several different styles of engraving depending on the product you order.

Traditional Engraving

Traditional engraving uses a real diamond tipped tool, that scratches along the top surface of the product, pushing the material to each side, and embedding the material, depending on the material this can leave a different style of finish, this is a fairly subtle mark compared, that shows differently in different positions depending the light.

Traditional Engraving leaves a look that is highly desired.

Laser Engraving

We have 2 methods of laser engraving, CO2 and Fibre, we use CO2 laser engraving for Wood and Leather Products, such as the lids of jewellery boxes. Fibre laser engraving is more suited towards metals such a silver, gold and stainless steel etc. Fibre laser engraving can either be used to leave a black mark on products, or can be used to engrave deep or cut products.

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