Terms of Sale

We understand that sometimes you may not be 100% happy with your purchase, in some circumstances you can return your jewellery or giftware for a partial or full refund, see below.

Standard Stock Products

Products that are not personalised or customised in any way, can be returned to us by prior arrangement, we will not refund any postage costs associated with the original purchase, and will only refund the actually product price, for example:

Product Price £44.99, Postage £3.00, we would only refund £44.99, as the postage cost was a cost we incurred payable to a third party to deliver the item.

In the same respect any item that was purchased with a free post option, we will deduct £3 from the refund to cover the cost of outbound postage, for example:

Product Price £109.99 Postage Free, we would refund £106.99, upon return of the item.

You are also responsible for ensuring safe delivery of any item back to ourselves via a signed for service, we will not refund any postage or courier charges associated with returning an item back to ourselves.

We are unable to accept any earrings or body jewellery by return, this is due to health and safety.

Personalised Items

Products that have been personalised, or altered in any way to your specification, this includes resizing, removal of original features, or addition of extra features will not be considered for refund under any circumstances, unless upon receiving the item a fault is present within a 14 day period, if this is the case you will be eligible to return the item for a refund or replacement, you may return the item using whatever method you see fit, however we will only refund return postage costs up to the value of First Class Signed For (we will not refund Courier or Special Delivery Costs under any circumstances unless previously agreed with ourselves in writing). After this 14 day period we will only repair or replace the item. If for some reason we are unable to repair or replace the item, an alternative may be offered, and if the alternative is NOT suitable, only at this time will we offer a full refund.

The only alternative to the above statement is when we may offer to buy the product back from you in the form of a partial refund for the spot price of the metal on the day, this will be worked out by calculating the weight of the product in grams, and multiplying this against the spot price of the particular metal, for example:

24.2 grams of 925 sterling silver

(37p x 0.925) x 24.2 = £8.28 (calculation based on 20/05/2014 price).



Sterling silver is copper-silver alloy and is somewhat softer than most gold alloys. Therefore, it is more likely to be abraded to black dust by relative movement between the jewelry and the skin or clothing.

Sterling silver jewelry has a pronounced tendency to tarnish. The tarnish is always due to the contact with sulphur compounds. The main cause of tarnishing of silver is a trace of hydrogen sulfide gas in the air. This gas is particularly present in smoke from burnt raw fuel, such as coal or oil; in some strong smelling foodstuffs, such as eggs and onions; in some fish or shellfish; and in polluted air.

The tarnish may turn the jewelry black and may also be rubbed off on the skin or clothing. A few people with especially moist skin may find that the sterling silver stains their skin green. This is due to the copper component of the silver alloy. When this occurs you should polish your jewelry frequently and use an absorbent powder on those moist skin areas which come into contact with your jewelry.

Soap, detergent, wax, polish, and cosmetic creams may build up under a ring, causing a type of dermatitis. A burning sensation and redness of the skin results. To prevent this, you should remove all rings before using soap or detergent, and clean the rings frequently.

The wearing of silver jewelry when manipulating photographic chemicals or solutions may cause staining of the skin. When silver is attacked by a chemical solution such as nitric acid, the solution of silver salt formed is reduced back to silver by the skin. This silver is in a finely divided form and causes an intensely black stain. Silver jewelry should be removed before working with photographic chemicals or solutions.

Medications in the wearer's system, especially certain antibiotics, can also cause jewelry to blacken or discolor. In in some rare cases, the wearer's basic body chemistry reacts to the alloys in both gold and silver and cause tarnishing. A solution to both of these situations may often be had by wearing a higher karat of jewelry: 18K or 22K instead of 14K.

This information is not offered as an excuse, but to clarify the reasons, provide the facts, and offer solutions for those who may encounter the problems.


Product Guarantee

All of our products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of dispatch, however the following items will only be guaranteed for 14 days from the date of dispatch, this includes necklace chains, all moving parts, including but limited to: locket hinges, and internal photo frames, brooch pins, expandable bangle parts, stones set within products, torque style bangles or one size rings including toe rings or any product that a customer could alter the size of the product by opening or closing to ensure fit, if Personalised Jewellery Ltd determines that the damage was due to normal wear-and-tear, we will repair the product but only at cost. We cannot be held responsible for work carried out by yourself or a third-party.

We will also not be held responsible for scratching, tarnishing, denting, chipping, or damage caused to any product. Tarnish is something that happens mainly in the summer months and as a natural process that can happen we cannot refund on tarnished items but we can advise how to clean it up and advise how to make your jewellery stay at it's best.

Products containing natural stones, shell and material, ie: Mother of Pearl, Onyx, or any other substance created by nature cannot be returned if personalised, because of differing patterns, colours, formations etc.

Sizes and Weights

All sizes and weights are given as a guide only, and you should always allow for a tolerance of +/- 10%, this is due to the hand made nature and finishing of items, if you require an exact size or weight for an item please contact us prior to purchase.

Return Fraud

Although very rare return fraud is something that is becoming more and more apparent, this is where a customer purposely damages an item in order to ensure return of the product, without incurring any costs, each item we send is checked and double checked before leaving our premises, and if for any reason we believe that return fraud has been committed we will pursue this matter through legal channels including the police and all powers at our disposal, and this will become a criminal damage matter, and if taken to court you may incur court costs, legal fees, and may get a criminal record.


Orders where you have paid next day delivery, or named day delivery, will be sent using a suitable courier or postal service, if we fail to dispatch those items on time, we will offer to refund the difference of the postage price paid between the chosen service and standard delivery charge, or a complete order refund. If the courier or postal operator has caused the delay, we will not be able to refund the postage cost, as we are not at fault, however we will offer a credit on your account for the difference between the original postage cost, and the cheapest alternative postage method available, the credit will be in the form of a voucher that can be used against a future purchase.

We will do our utmost to ensure delivery as quickly as possible by working with you and the courier, we will not consider a return of personalised products due to late delivery by the courier.

We reserve the right to change delivery services to a more suitable service on any order if needed.


Due to the value of some of our products we do carry out security checks for all purchases during the checkout stage.

Our security checks are carried out for the following:-

Detecting and preventing fraud
Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
Validating identity during customer applications
Validating payment transactions
Processing payments
Conducting international verification checks

If we are unable to verify your identity in time for next day delivery items, we reserve the right to move next day delivery forward until all checks are completed.

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