Loyalty Points

Our Loyalty Point Scheme is simple, and enables you save money on future purchases, or to save up for that something special at the end of the year.

Each time you order a product from Personalised Jewellery website you will earn Loyalty Points, the number of points given with each product is shown under the price on the product page, each Loyalty Point is worth 0.02p, so for example if you was to spend £18 today, you would have a total of 18 Loyalty Points (or £0.36p) ready to use against your next order, or alternatively save them all up and get something special for Christmas, or to treat yourself.

And its easier than you think to save points, for example lets say you have got 5 or 6 special Birthdays to buy for in a year, maybe one Anniversary present, Christmas gifts, before you know it you have enough points for something free of charge, or with a discount.

Once your order has been dispatched your Loyalty Point Value will update in your account, and you will be able to view your available points in the Order Information section of your account. 

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