How to Fill Ashes Jewellery

How to fill cremation ashes jewellery


A clean surface on which to work
A sheet of white paper
A toothpick or small tool (included with ashes kit)
A small spoon A small funnel (included with ashes kit)
A sieve (optional, but highly recommended)
A peg (optional, but again highly recommended)
Glue (included with ashes kit)
And finally your cremation ashes

Step 1.

Prepare your working area, make sure you have a clean area in which to work, that is free of dust and dirt (you don’t want to contaminate your ashes), and lay down your white sheet of creased paper (from where you folded it).

Step 2.

This is probably the most difficult step of the process, you need to get about half a teaspoon of the cremains and place them onto the white sheet of paper (maybe a teaspoon for some of the larger pieces of jewellery), what we are looking to get is the finer cremains (this is where the sieve comes in really handy) try to separate the finer cremains, so you have a small pile of fine cremains.

Step 2.

Locate on your jewellery where the ashes need to be inserted, some pieces have a small screw, or the top of the pendant may screw off, now gently unscrew the lid where the ashes are to be inserted, if you opted to use the peg, open the peg and gently use the peg to hold the ashes jewellery nice and steady on your work area.

Step 3.

Now you will need your funnel, using your spoon pick up some of the fine cremains, and use the funnel to insert them into the filling hole, if the cremains get stuck in the funnel, gently tap the side of the funnel, use the small metal tool or the toothpick to gently push them in the jewellery, or empty the contents of the funnel back onto the prepared fine cremains, and add the cremains a bit at a time, it is important that you do not overfill your ashes jewellery, so aim to fill it to about 80% full. Step 3. At this point you want to check that the threads of both pieces are clean and free from dirt, we also highly recommend that you glue the screw in place.

Step 4.

Screw the threaded screw into the hole where you took it from previously, but only screw it about 50% of the way, now using the toothpick, or metal tool, apply glue to the rest of the exposed screw thread, immediately fully screw it in, remembering that if it is also the loop that the chain goes through on pendant that you leave it in the right position, so that the pendant hangs correctly when the chain is inserted and it is worn.

Step 5.

Finally wipe any excess glue from the jewellery, leave it to dry for 24 hours before wearing it.

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