What is the meaning of the Dream Catcher Necklace?

Saturday, 27 July 2013  |  James

The dream catcher necklace according to the Native Americans is used to catch the dreams that are sent while we are sleeping by the sacred spirits, is is believed that the dreams are sent as messages, and the hole in the middle of the web is used to filter the good dreams, while all the bad dreams are caught in the web around the hole, and upon first light the bad dream are all discarded of.

The parts of the dream catcher necklace are all relative as well, with beads throughout used to represent the bad dreams, a single bead in the middle is used to represent a spider, whilst the feathers, which would have traditionally have been owl feathers for woman, and an eagles feather for men, representing wisdom and courage, are there so that the necklace know who the wear is, to enable filtering of the dreams.

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