What is a Pomander Locket?

Saturday, 27 July 2013  |  James

What is a Pomander Locket?

Pomander lockets date from as early as the mid 13th century, and can be seen in use through to the 17th century. The word Pomander comes from the French word pomme d'ambre.

The best way to think of a Pomander locket is an early deodorant or perfume, a pomander is a perfume ball, which could be carried around the neck in a locket with an open front to allow the smell to follow the wearer, this being times when personal hygiene was not as it is nowadays, and would hopefully cover any bad smells, the pomander ball would also be placed in a small vase carried in the pocket, or attached to the belt or girdle.

Pomanders where mainly made from sterling silver or gold, this is probably due to the fact that is was mainly the upper classes that used them.

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