How to Make a Photo Fit Inside a Locket

Friday, 26 July 2013  |  James


How to Make a Photo Fit Inside a Locket

1. Once you have chosen the photo you would like to place into you locket, you have a few options, you can use the existing photo if it is the right size, and you don't mind cutting it up to fit inside the locket, or you can make a copy of the picture, and re-print it at a suitable size to fit into the locket (we will cover this in a later article).

2. Take the locket you wish the photo to fit into, open it up, and using a washable paint (normally a kiddies paint is best), paint around the inside frame of the locket and press this onto a piece of white paper, this should give you a rough outline of the border of the locket, please do not press the whole locket as this can damage the hinge, try to press just one side.

3. As soon as you have completed step 2, wash the paint of the locket, and polish the locket back to its original condition. 

4. Now you are ready to cut around the shape you pressed onto the white paper, carefully cut around the outline left on the paper, and you should now have a piece of paper the same size as the frame of the locket.

5. Overlay your piece of cutout paper onto the photo you wish to place into the locket, making sure you take your time to position it in the correct place, and then cut around the shape cutting the photo underneath, it is best to leave a little bit of extra space around the edge, cutting the photo slightly larger than the shape you cut out in step 4, this will allow the photo to fit within the frame.

6. You should now have a photo that will fit into the photo frame of the locket, if at this stage the photo is still a little to large you can cut a little more of to ensure a nice fit within the locket.

7. If your locket can hold more than one photo, repeat step 5 for any other photos you would like to place inside the locket.

And that is how we cut a photo to make it fit inside a locket.

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