How to clean sterling silver cufflinks?

Sunday, 28 July 2013  |  James

As with all sterling silver, you can get tarnishing, with cufflinks this can be fairly difficult to clean, and although some people prefer the natural look that tarnishing gives their sterling silver, others want their sterling silver cufflinks to look as good as the day that purchased them.

You can attempt to use a jewellers silver polishing cloth, but with some cufflinks with lots of detail this can be a never ending process, probably the best, and fastest way to clean your silver cufflinks is to get a jewellery dip, this can be purchased from most supermarkets, and is a clear liquid into which you can dip your jewellery.

If you choose to use the jewellery dip, attach something to each of the cufflinks like a piece of cotton, and place a weight onto the other end, this could be anything such as a spoon, put each of the links into the dip, leaving the weighted end outside of the jar, and leave for about 1-2 minutes, you will be able to see the chemical reaction taking place in the jar as the tarnish is being removed.

Take the cufflinks out of the dip and then using some warm water just give each of the links a wash to stop the cleaning process that occurs even outside of the jewellery dip continuing. Then pat each of the cufflinks dry using a paper towel, do not rub the cufflinks with anything abrasive as this can scratch the silver.

Once dry take a silver polishing cloth and clean each of the cufflinks back to a highly polished finished, and your cufflinks should now look like new.

You can use this same method to clean all your sterling silver jewellery.

Try not to get any of the jewellery dip onto you hands or clothes, it is recommended you wear some rubber gloves when using any jewellery cleaner.

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